Getting to Know the Project: Note to Teachers

Welcome to the Fifth Century Studio Project. The project will require approximately five weeks to complete and will address the key Common Core State Standards for Geometry in the following clusters:

Experiment with transformations in the plane.

Understand congruence in terms of rigid motions.

Prove geometric theorems.

Make geometric constructions.

Before beginning the project, review the Project Based Learning [link] pages to review PBL methods and tools, including Tools and Resources for Teachers. [link].

The Fifth Century Studio project is designed to engage students in the study of Geometry by discussing its history and foundation, including something about its founder, Euclid. In addition to historical facts about Geometry, students will learn fundamental geometric concepts and figures, basic methods of transformations, and practice manipulating shapes. They will also review the eight mathematical practices of the Common Core Standards. They must then synthesize this information into a thoughtful presentation, using a web page or other format that demonstrates their understanding of Geometry and how it applies to their world. By creating a ‘marketing message’ aimed at teams, they will also demonstrate their ability to connect the goals of mathematics with the goals of teens .

Project Based Learning is designed to focus students on solving an open-ended problem and providing a solution to the problem through working in teams. Keeping this perspective in mind will be helpful. The new Common Core State Standards stress application and inquiry. Your goal is to have students learn the fundamentals of Geometry, as defined by Unit 1 Traditional Geometry or Unit 5 Integrated Pathways standards, but also to coach them through a process of thinking about Geometry.


Curriki Geometry Project 1: Fifth Century Studios

Curriki Project 1 Pacing Guide

Curriki Geometry Project Rubric

Critical Friends Protocol

Project 1 Rubrics





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