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MySpace in Democracy

by Sam sriiiconsulting

This 6-8 week unit draws upon social studies, media literacy and inquiry to explore how social networks and media technologies promote and disrupt democratic practices. It is intended for middle grade students (grades 6th-8th). The unit is organized in 3 major sections: Communication Timeline Inquiry (Week 1-2), First Amendment and Cyber Rights Inquiry / Webquest (Week 3-4) and Free Cyber Speech and Internet Safety Public Service Productions (Week 5-8)
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Middle Ages WebQuest

by David Carpenter

This WebQuest is formatted here in separate folders for easier navigation. There is also a full one page version one can access.
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Grade 10 - Smartboard Lessons for Global History - 2009 - 2010

by Sue Costagliola East Meadow School District

create several lessons that will utilize Smartboard technology to help enliven the 10th grade Global History curriculum. Each lesson will have an organized lesson plan along with worksheets and assessment for teachers to use in the future.
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Waqar Test Resource

by Janet Pinto

Waqar Test Resource Summary
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