This lesson plan was created based on a template developed for the Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment initiative sponsored by the Alliance for Catholic Education.


Number of Days:

4 days


Prior Knowledge:

SWBAT explain transcription & translation, relate protein structure & function, describe how mutations generally affect genes, cells and organisms.


Lesson Objective:

SWBAT analyze the effects a mutation in a tumor suppresor gene would have on the gene itself, the cell and the organism.


Lesson Assessment:

Performance assessment


Benchmark or Standards:

B.1.7-8, B.1.15, B.1.21, B.1.23-26,


Materials Needed:

Computer lab, performance assessment sheet.



TimeLearning TaskMethod or Procedure
10Explain paper assignment: each student will write an essay analyzing the effect the RCS2 gene has on skin cancer. Planning for the essay will occur in pre-assigned groups of three.Direct instruction; answering student questions
45Students outline essay, teacher walks around room pushing students to consider how a mutation on the RCS2 gene affects the gene itself, the cell, and finally the organism's skin. Students begin introduction individually if they finish their outline and gain the teacher's approval.Work in groups of three
Day 2  
55Work on paperIndividual work in computer lab
Day 3  
55Work on paperIndividual work in computer lab
Day 4  
55Performance AssessmentIndpendent & Individual work


Changes for Next Time:

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What Worked Well:

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