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Number of Days:

2 days


Prior Knowledge:

SWBAT state the role of some proteins in the cell


Lesson Objective:

SWBAT relate the basic structure of proteins to their function


Lesson Assessment:

class questioning, test


Benchmark or Standards:

B.1.15 Understand and explain that, in biological systems, structure and function must be considered together B.1.23 Understand that and describe how inserting, deleting, or substituting DNA segments can alter a gene. Recognize that an altered gene may be passed on to every cell that develops from it, and that the resulting features may help, harm, or have little or no effect on the offspring’s success in its environment.


Materials Needed:

Projector, Laptop, PPT slides



Integrating chemistry to genetics



Skeleton outline of ppt lecture, Parallel of protein complementarity to a lock and key



TimeLearning TaskMethod or Procedure
50Relate structure of various proteins to their functions.Direct instruction using PowerPoint presentation & class discussion
HWHW: Study for the teacher test 
Day 2  
50Review for testInteractive Jeopardy! game


Changes for Next Time:

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What Worked Well:

After executing the lesson in the classroom, edit the wiki resource to highlight particularly effective activities or assessments for reference in future years.
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