Mathematics and science are closely linked disciplines. The essence of mathematics is the study of patterns in the world and the essence of science is the process of making sense of observed phenomena in the world. Because math and science complement and depend upon one another, the goals of this thematic instruction on patterns, variables and functions are for students to be able to:

  • Use math in the context of science
  • Systematically acquire and record data
  • Develop an intuitive sense of the relationship between two variables in a variety of contexts
  • Recognize the change in relationship between two variables as described by a function
  • Use spreadsheet software to input data and produce a graph
  • Interpret and describe observed phenomena
Throughout the instruction, students will record observations and reflections in a journal. The journal will serve as an embedded assessment tool for the teacher to monitor learning. It is also a way for the student to monitor his or her own progress.
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