Prior knowledge: students will be able to describe physical properties including density, and recognize solids and liquids. A 2-day lesson plan.

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:

SWBAT describe physical changes.


Hot plate, pan, chocolate chips, wooden spoon; candles, scissors, pizza Lunchable, plastic cup, pitcher of water, kool-aid powder, white scrap paper, crayon, aluminum foil.


TimeLearning Task
8 min
Review density/Activate prior knowledge about phase changes. Answer: Predict what will happen when chocolate chips are released into a pot of melted chocolate.Bellwork, pair share
2 min
Observe that chocolate chips sink in the melted chocolate. Teacher-led demonstration
10 min
Explain why the chocolate chips sunk in the melted chocolate, and give other examples of solids sinking in fluids (solids are generally more dense than liquids). Class discussion/guided notes
10 min
Return to the pot of chocolate, and try to find the chocolate chips we put in the pot earlier. Debate whether they are gone, or a different substance. Conclude that they are still there, and are still the same substance as before, but experienced a phase change (teacher defines phase change and describes the different types).Teacher-led questioning
5 Give examples of other phase changes in everyday life Think-pair-share
5 Categorize examples as melting, freezing, vaporizing, condensing, sublimating. Guided practice (as class, then in pairs)
5 Assess/close: True or false? A phase change results in a new type of matter. Categorize several examples of phase changes as melting, vaporizing, etc. Whiteboard quiz
HW--Complete categorization of phase changes begun in class (independent practice).
10 Review/Assess LP1 and LP2 Quick Quiz
10 Using physical properties graphic organizer from LP1, brainstorm other possible types of physical changes besides changing the phase. (Change in shape, size, texture, malleability, conductivity, appearance, etc.) Think-pair-share
20 Observe various physical changes: Chocolate from yesterday re-hardening in pot, cutting a candle into pieces, crumpling up a piece of foil, mixing kool-aid powder and water, coloring a piece of paper with a crayon, making a Lunchable pizza.Lab rotation around room in pairs.
5 Assess/close: Describe four physical changes a glass of milk could undergo. Exit card



Whiteboard quiz (day 1), exit card.

Benchmark or Standards:

TEKS 6.2B, 6.7B

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