This lesson plan was created based on a template developed for the Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment initiative sponsored by the Alliance for Catholic Education.


Number of Days:

1 day


Prior Knowledge:

SWBAT utilize a model of DNA to describe the process of replication. SWBAT explain the process of transcription and translation of a gene to create an amino acid chain. SWBAT apply the process of translation to analyze mutations in a gene. SWBAT relate the basic structure of proteins to their function


Lesson Objective:

(At a basic/unsophisticated level) SWBAT analyze how changes in DNA result in gene mutations and evaluate the effects of these mutations on the cell and the organism.


Lesson Assessment:



Benchmark or Standards:

B.1.15, B.1.23-26


Materials Needed:







Any approved test-taking accommodations for individual students



TimeLearning TaskMethod or Procedure
50TestIndependent & Individual


Changes for Next Time:

Here the lesson author can reflect on changes for future years. After executing the lesson in the classroom, the member can edit this section of the wiki resource to describe changes for making the lesson more effective next time


What Worked Well:

After executing the lesson in the classroom, edit the wiki resource to highlight particularly effective activities or assessments for reference in future years.
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