Bagels, Pico, Fermi is a number-guessing game that is great exercise for your wonderful problem-solving mind. We've played it on blackboards, whiteboards, paper and pencil, and other media with multitudes of students and teachers. You can play Bagels anywhere with a friend. One person is the gamemaster and the other is the player. The gamemaster thinks of a secret number and the player tries to guess the number. After each guess, the gamemaster supplies clues with strange names such as "Bagels," "Pico," and "Fermi." We will tell you how to play a 2-digit beginner's game and a more challenging 3-digit game. We will suggest variations such as:

Prime Time Bagels. Use only prime numbers as secret numbers. Composite Number Bagels. Use only composite numbers as secret numbers. AlphaBagels. Play Bagels with 2-letter words or 3-letter words.

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