Students will see relationships between variables and functions in order to solve equations.

Provide repeated exposure to the concepts of patterns, variables, and functions in order to provide multiple opportunities for students to see and describe relationships.


  • About 30 tiles for each student
  • One "hundreds" chart for each student: Here is blank to print-out for students, in .pdf format
    or use an online, interactive version
  • Student Observation and Reflection Journal
  • a computer with online access
  • equations to solve (see below)
Up to one hour of direct instruction , then students self-pace their exploration of the hundreds chart and online practice/quizzes throughout the week.


  1. Using tiles, markers and "hundreds" charts, students create patterns which "grow" by the same factor.
  2. See Prentice Chapter 2: Algebra: Patterns and Variables practice/quizzes

Share patterns
Discuss problems completed.

In having each student complete online activities, the teacher will be able to monitor whether or not students are able to apply the vocabulary to the manipulation of symbols.

Students invent more patterns and describe them in their journals

Plan B
Teacher uses transparency tiles to make patterns on the overhead projector. Class discusses patterns.

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