This lesson was developed to incorporate technology in the regular ed. classroom. It was developed for a comprehensive project after completing the novel the Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

Dystopian societies are something most students do not get a lot of exposure with. If they are incorporated in readings a student can pick apart many different themes that are society based, not just literarily based. By giving students the tools to examine literature and to use creativity to build upon their understanding a student can create something more meaningful to them. This project encourages students to take ownership of their writing and work. Students from all different levels can approach this project using things that they feel are their strengths. I approach this project as a multi genre, where the students can develop, use their own skills and their own creativity.


The intended audience for this webquest is an eleven grade classroom who have just completed the novel the Handmaid's Tale. This project can be used for any skill level, but is suggested for an academic or advanced course ability. It can be extended to a philosophy or psychology course, even a humanities. Also, the project can added to, or scaled down to fit different skill levels.

In order to complete this assignment the student should have an idea of what a dystopian society is and have read the prescribed novel. (Or if you would like to alter this project the novel necessary to create the society.) In order to complete this assignment the student should have an idea of what a dystopian society is and have read the prescribed novel. (Or if you would like to alter this project the novel necessary to create the society.) Students should also have the ability to work in groups and access to the materials be it physical or digital to create their society.


1.5.11. GRADE 11- Pennsylvania

A. Write with a sharp, distinct focus.

aspects of composition.

· Use different types and lengths of


· Use precise language.

· Identify topic, task and audience.

· Establish and maintain a single

point of view.

B. Write using well-developed content

appropriate for the topic.

· Gather, determine validity and

reliability of, analyze and

organize information.

· Employ the most effective format

for purpose and audience.

· Write fully developed paragraphs

that have details and information

specific to the topic and relevant

to the focus.

C. Write with controlled and/or subtle


D. Write with a command of the stylistic

· Sustain a logical order throughout

the piece.

· Include an effective introduction

and conclusion.


E. Revise writing to improve style, word

choice, sentence variety and subtlety

of meaning after rethinking how

questions of purpose, audience and

genre have been addressed.


F. Edit writing using the conventions of


· Spell all words correctly.

· Use capital letters correctly.

· Punctuate correctly (periods,

exclamation points, question

marks, commas, quotation marks,

apostrophes, colons, semicolons,

parentheses, hyphens, brackets,


G. Present and/or defend written work for

publication when appropriate.

Reflection on Standards
SWBAT Clearly and effectively create a well-developed dystopian society incorporating what they have learned from text and discussion in the classroom.
SWBAT Clearly compose a paper/poster board that will be understood by classmates and will include the general basis of the society.
SWBAT Work effectively in groups, and clearly develop the elements of their society and be able to explain it to classmates.


Describe what's needed to implement this lesson. Some of the possibilities:

*Margaret Atwood's: The Handmaid's Tale
*Dictionary and Library access for research.
*Art supplies or computer access to create the presented project portion.
*Teacher created material: An example of a society in poster and power point form.
*Handout listing assignment for those students who lack internet access at home.
*E-mail accounts for all students so they can communicate outside the classroom.
*Internet access for the students to research their societies elements.
*Specific software needed: Word Processor 20 copies, Power point or slide show software 20 copies.

This lesson can be completed with one teacher, however if there are more in the classroom for any reason the project can still be carried out effectively. The library and the classroom atmosphere should be sufficient to complete the project.


Based on the overall average of the group project it will be possible to gauge if the project was successful. When grading the students progress and final project, we will look at creativity, planning, group work ability, the final project and the written component. The students can be creative and the overall problem should be answered however the students find appropriate: There is a developing dystopian society, how do you make it stronger?

If the final project and presentation incorporates all students in the group then the project in terms of group work was successful. To ensure that each group member is fulfilling their role, students can be encouraged if they feel their work isn't being run adequately they can set up a meeting with you. Also, it is possible to include and evaluation worksheet so each student can evaluate their fellow group members.

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