Elements of an invention - visual aids for guitar U.S. Patent # 4,559,861 -
A Teaching Device for Stringed Musical Instruments

comprised of two product designs containing basic information
1.Elements of music theory and guitar fingerboard grid


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u.s. pat 4,559,861 Musical teaching device for expediting musical instruction Abstract A musical teaching device, which substantially shortens the amount of time which a student requires in order to understand various aspects of playing a stringed instrument, is described. This device is comprised of a grid of intersecting lines which represent strings and frets of a fingerboard of a stringed instrument, an indicator situated in the vicinity of each intersection and representing a corresponding musical note, and a plurality of moveable markers, each of which can be positioned anywhere on the grid and is identified by both a particular color and one or more symbols in order to visually depict a particular aspect of the instrument. These aspects illustratively include fingering of notes, chords and scales; harmony; melody; contrary motion, and rhythm. Inventors: Patty; Charles W. (New York, NY), Weiss; Myron (New York, NY)

Filed: March 28, 1983

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