(del) Open Source CA Textbook - Chemistry

Introduction and Chemistry Course Overview

OLD Unit 4: Gases and Their Properties

Unit 3: Conservation of Matter & Stoichiometry

CHEMISTRY: Redox, Chemical and Physical Changes, and Atomic Spectra Unit

Basic Level: (Maximum of 70 points for this section.  Can move on with 65 points.)

1)    Listen to the Lecture; take notes (5 pts./day)                 Thurs   Fri   Mon   Tues

2)    ***REQUIRED: Redox Practice Worksheet (15 pts)

3)    Be able to identify the species oxidized, species reduced, oxidizing agent, and reducing agent for any redox reaction.  Also, be able to write the oxidation and reduction half reactions.  Your teacher will give you the rxn when you are ready. (20 pts)

4)    Do problem #22 on page 713.  Do it well. (15 pts)

5)    Read pg. 67-71 in the book.  Write a paragraph summary of what you learned. (15 pts)

6)    Make a colorful poster that shows the indicators of a chemical change.  Use pictures! (20 pts)

7)    Think of two classroom demonstrations that show a physical change and a chemical change.  Do them for the class. (15 pts)

8)    Do one or two of the green worksheets. (10 pts each)

9)    Do problems #21 and #25 on page 157.  (10 pts)

10) Make a poster that shows the Hydrogen atomic spectra.  Include an example of radiation absorption and radiation emission. (20 pts)

11) Give a speech to the class on why light is considered a particle and a wave.  (15 pts)

12) Write a song about redox reactions. (15 pts)

13) Write a story that includes at least 10 physical changes and 10 chemical changes. (20 pts)


Explore Level: (20pts)

1)    ***REQUIRED: What metals are the most reactive? (Activity Series Lab)


Rock Star Level (Choose one only – 10 pts)   Use Rock Star Assignment Sheet. 

1)    What brand of battery is the best?

2)    Redox reactions are very useful in the world around us, and are therefore very important to learn about.  However, are they too difficult for a high school chemistry class?  Why or why not?

3)    Is Albert Einstein the most brilliant scientist to ever have lived?


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