STEM Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: Coding                   Subject: Computer Class            

Teacher: Mrs. Owens                  Grade: 2 Grade  

Student Objective(s):

Students will be able to use a digital system to represent simple patterns in different ways.

Students will be able to establish a sequence of steps and decisions needed to solve a simple problem (algorithms).

Students will explore how patterns work using data to create pictures, symbols, and/or diagrams.


Materials Needed:

Computers, projector, speakers, and students usernames and passwords for the free website




The Big Questions:

How can students use coding to create a shape? Will students be able to break down a problem and think through it? What is the best coding sequence? Did the coding sequence work? Can you improve your design?



Identified STEM:

Science – The study of algorithmic (sequence of steps). Determine the primary structure of an object.

Technology – Final outcome and use of computers.

Engineering – The design process (what were your steps).

Math – The language of shapes (hearts, right angles, stars, etc.) Collections of objects in which repetitions are allowed.

Teaching Methods:

Begin by recalling their attention to Tynker by projecting the website. Discuss what coding means to them. *A word we use in coding is sequencing.* Coding is a sequence of signals used to give instructions to a computer. Other possible answers: helps you break down a problem and think through it, take a big chunk and break into small bits, visualize the problems, and/or play the guessing game.

Now ask them to think about the sequence of events when they brush their teeth:

1. Get your toothbrush out.

2. Place toothpaste on it.

3. Brush your teeth.

4. Rinse your brush and mouth.

Today in Tynker we will begin drawing coding. We will watch a short video on pattern maker and then I will show the class my heart creation.

Student Activities:

Create a shape using the lesson Pattern Maker on


Teacher will walk around observing students and assisting only when necessary. Teacher will also have a checklist checking for complete design and/or redesign.


Early finishers can create different patterns and/or go to other assigned lessons.


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