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Fun with Fractions

by Melissa Webber

This unit will introduce the concept of fractions with activities and lessons that cater to visual, auditory, and tactile learning styles. Students will create fractions with a variety of manipulatives, solve problems with fractions, play games with fractions, and explore fractions in their everyday lives. The unit will also integrate language arts, as students write fraction stories and read literature related to fractions. Students will gain an understanding of basic fractions, including 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, and whole. Students will learn key vocabulary words: whole, fraction, numerator, and denominator. Students will understand how fractions relate to their everyday lives. Lessons include: Lesson #1: Introduce Whole and One-Half Lesson #2: More about One-Half Lesson #3: Practice with One-Half Lesson #4: Introduce Numerator and Denominator Lesson #5: Going Beyond One-Half Lesson #6: Making Fractions I Lesson #7: Making Fractions II Lesson #8: Comparing Fractions I Lesson #9: Comparing Fractions II Lesson #10: Fraction Bingo Lesson #11: Fraction Matching Game Lesson #12: Writing a Fraction Story I Lesson #13: Writing a Fraction Story II Unit Resources include: Vocabulary Cards Problems of the Day Pizza Cut-Out Sheet One-Half Practice Sheet Candy Activity Sheet Candy Fractions Activity Sheet Clay Fractions Activity Sheet Comparing Fractions Activity Sheet Fraction Circles Bingo Caller Cars Bingo Game Board Fraction Matching Game Pre-Writing Graphic Organizer
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