Week 8


  • How do I add new pages to a wiki?


Students will...

  • add new pages to the wiki
  • be able to read the history of a page


  • Have you ever worked on a project that could have benefited from a wiki?
What kinds of teams and projects fit well with a wiki? Which might not?


Stubs are the beginnings of new pages. There are three primary methods for starting them:

Stub, URL method

Point your browser to a URL that does not yet exist. MediaWiki will report that the page does not exist and ask you if you would like to create it. If you do, you will be taken to the editor. Once you click Save, the page is created.

Stub, Search method

Enter the title for your new page into the search bar. If no page with that name exists, you will be prompted to create one.

Stub, Link method

Edit an existing page. Create a link somewhere on this page and save your changes. You will notice that the new link is red. This means that it points to a page that does not yet exist. Click on your new link and you will be prompted to create a new page.

School knowledge base

Many organizations maintain a searchable archive of institutional knowledge. What is something you know that no one else knows about life at school? What perplexes you about life at school?

Use the URL or Search method to create a stub for something you think we should have in our knowledge base.

What if two people try to edit the same page?

''Note:'' Shorter class periods may choose to omit this exercise.

Set up an intentional conflict between the computer being projected and one of the student accounts. Walkthrough the process by which these conflicts are resolved.

Wiki history

Explore the History tab. Demonstrate comparing two instances of a page. There will likely be articles with lengthier histories on Wikipedia. Prepare a few articles that have big jumps.

e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Barack_Obama&diff=257012082&oldid=4864242 Barack Obama before his speech to the DNC on 27 July 2004


Choose one of the following three assignments:

  • Find a controversial article in Wikipedia; one that is constantly being edited, locked, and discussed. Summarize the conflict on your blog and provide a link to the relevant page.
  • Select one of the stubs on our wiki to develop into a full-fledged page. Post a link to this new page on your blog.
  • Post a paragraph or more on your blog suggesting an alternative method for resolving edit conflicts
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