Week 7


  • How can a group collaborate on a single document?


Students will...

  • be familiar with the driving concept of a wiki
  • log in to the wiki
  • edit a page


  • Think of a time that you worked well in a group.
What are the characteristics of a strong group project?


Everyone always asks and it's nice to have an answer: wiki is a Hawaiian word that means "quick."

Unlike the blogging activities, I strongly recommend using MediaWiki software for your class wiki. Because Wikipedia uses MediaWiki, your students will be able to more easily transfer their learning between the two sites.

Creating a login

This process will depend on your setup but provide time for students to sign up for the wiki and establish a persistent identity. I suggest limiting editing to people with usernames only and limiting registration. Unfortunately, there is a considerable possibility for abuse and bullying within a class wiki.(15min)

Create your User Page

Every user on a MediaWiki installation has a homepage. This is his or her little place on the site. It also provides an excellent scratch pad for experimenting with the MediaWiki markup langauge.

Break the class into pairs and remind the students of what they learned about HTML. Pass out a reference sheet about MediaWiki syntax. Demonstrate editing an existing page, adding a heading, adding a link, and saving the changes. Make note of the difference between linking to another wiki page and linking to a URL elsewhere on the web.

Require students to post links to their blogs on their homepages but otherwise give them some freedom to plant a flag. (15min)


  • Create a username and User page on Wikipedia
  • Link your school User page to your Wikipedia User page.
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