Materials, Special Effects, and Safety Clearance Form

You are going to shoot the video of the script you have in front of you. You need to prepare for the shoot though. Run through some preliminary preparation before you begin rehearsing.

Worst-Case Scenario: __________________________________________________________

Read your dialogue: Read through the dialogue to answer the following questions.

Extra Materials/Props needed: You may need some props for your scripts. You should provide most of them. Lab equipment and such will be provided by Mr. Boland.

We will provide:

Mr. Boland Please Provide:

Special Effects: Some of the scenes in your lab safety video may need some special effects (we can’t really break anything, soak someone in the shower, spill real chemicals on someone, etc.) How are you going to get around these limitations using the simple and available methods we have?


Special Effect Solution

Student cuts hand with glass

Ketchup is brought in to simulate blood.

Please list any potential safety hazards that could become real worst-case scenarios during filming: (i.e. actors must be cautions of the Bunsen burner’s open flame).

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