1) Express 89.7 kPa of pressure into: (a) mm Hg & (b) atm

2) To what temperature must a sample of helium be cooled so that its new volume is 375 mL, if its original temperature and volume was 57ºC and 522 mL?

3) A mixture of 3 noble gases (Xe, Kr, Ar) is held in a container under a pressure of 112 kPa. If the partial pressure of xenon is 425 mm Hg and the partial pressure of krypton is 0.275 atm, what is the partial pressure of argon, in kPa?

4) A sample of nitrogen gas is collected by water displacement at a temperature of 25.0ºC, when the barometric pressure reading is 755 mm Hg. What is the partial pressure of the nitrogen gas?

5) How many grams of F2 are contained in a 3.84 L sample of F2 at STP?

6) C5H12(g) + 8O2(g) -> 5CO2(g) + 6H2O(g)
If 3.99 L of O2 react, what volume of CO2 is produced? How many moles of H2O are produced? What mass of pentane (C5H12) is required to react?
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