Choose one of the following chromosomal disorders, research it, and answer the questions below:

  • Klinefelter Syndrome
  • Down Syndrome
  • Tuner Syndrome
  • Cri-du-chat
  • Patau Syndrome
  • Edwards Syndrome
  • XXX (Meta-female)
CHROMOSOMAL DISORDER: _____________________________

1) What is the definition of this disorder (what is different about the chromosomes)?

2) What causes this disorder?

3) What are the symptoms of this disorder?

4) What is the phenotype of someone with this disorder?

5) Who is usually affected?

6) What is the chance of being born with this disorder?

7) What is the life expectancy of someone with this disorder?

8) How would your life be different if you had the disorder?

9) Do you know anyone that has this disorder?
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