Directions: For all questions on this review WS, do your work on a separate sheet of paper.

For each of the following compounds:
(1) Draw the structural formula
(2) Name the specific molecular geometry of the molecule
(3) Name the molecular geometry upon which the shape of the molecule is based

1) SeCl2
2) BeF2
3) CCl3F
4) SBrCl3F2
5) BrI4–
6) SF2
7) H2Se
8) ICl3
9) PI3
10) BrCl3F2

11) Refer to the diagram on page 48 of your organic chem. notes:
  1. Concisely explain how you know that a solute is “optically active”.

b. Assume a solute has two enantiomers. You make equimolar solutions of both. Using the diagram to guide you again, explain how you would be able to tell them apart.

c. Cite two example illustrating the specificity of living systems to particular enantiomers.

12) For each of the following molecules:
  1. Redraw the molecule, showing its structural formula.
b. If the molecule is NOT chiral, write ACHIRAL, & draw the plane of symmetry.
c. If the molecule is chiral, write CHIRAL, & circle the chiral center.
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