Math - Problem Solving: Who's on the Pole?

Project Description
This project is used as a review of rational coefficients as an introduction for Algebra 2 students to a unit on solving rational equations and applications of rational equations. It is a WebQuest for 7th - 11th Grade Math Students called Who's on the Pole, which is a WebQuest based on a brainteaser contributed by Alfredo Garza on Syvum's Web site. The student's were given a worksheet and asked to determine the length of a dock's pole that needs replacing on a lake. This activity takes approximately 40 minutes.

Rubric Information
Rubric Title Who's on the Pole?
Rubric ID 407816
Teacher Name Donna B. Prescott
School Bishop England High School
Subject Math
Grade 10

Project Includes
Links The Pole in the Lake Worksheet
The Pole in the Lake Brainteaser

Standards NM-ALG.9.12.1 Understand Patterns, Relations, Functions
NM-ALG.9.12.2 Represent and Analyze Mathematical Situations and Structures
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