, =, and < and graphing (bar graphs, circle graphs, box-and-whisker plots and scatterplots.) They will use this exploration of mathematical concepts to compare and contrast the progress of the two classes throughout the course of the Penny War. AND they will use the proceeds they raise during their philanthropic project support a cause of their choosing. In the story White Christmas snow is a contributing factor to the Columbia Inn’s financial difficulties because it is ubiquitous. It impedes travel and prevents customers from visiting the Inn. As ubiquitous as the lace of snowflakes that cover the Vermont countryside for a good portion of the year, the lacy ironwork designs that decorate the doorways, balconies and staircases across New Orleans and many of the surrounding parishes are ubiquitous. In addition, the lace of snowflakes and the lacy ironwork designs have something in common: geometry and geometric patterns. In Symmetry: Lace and Snow students will learn how temperature is a factor in the development of the designs of snowflakes, investigate the germ of ice crystals (the hexagon,) discover the geometric patterns found in snowflakes, have the opportunity to further explore geometric patterns in three types of snowflakes: plane crystals, rimed snow crystals and irregular particles, compare and contrast these three types of snowflakes to five Adinkra symbols: twin crocodiles, spider’s web, fern, the “king of Adinkra symbols” and the staff of life and create their own lace designs inspired by these explorations. To further connect their investigations and discoveries students will develop written descriptions of the lace designs they create. To develop their writing, students will use an order of adjectives/list of adjectives review sheet as an additional source of inspiration. AN EXTENTION: Symmetry: Lace and Snow is a follow up to the designs students created using the White Christmas Symmetry: Lace and Snow graph paper. Students will investigate geometric patterns further by expressing designs as a sequence of numbers."/>
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