Group Size: Any


Learning Objectives:


Identify characteristics of writing genre. Write a personal narrative.


Guiding Question:


How do we share a focused story about ourselves?




Saturdays and Tea Cakes, Lester Laminack


All the Places to Love, Maclaughlan


Personal Narrative examples such as




  1. Like reading novels, writers write in genres. There are many genres in writing such as mystery, process essay, memoirs,… (take student contributions and write them on the board.)

Begin by sharing a personal narrative story, for example Saturdays and Teacakes, by Lester Laminak. You can also share beginnings of classroom memoirs and autobiographies from any of your collections of stories. Teacher as writer is an important practice that can begin at this point also. Write a personal memoir of your own from your life at your student's age. Model writing they will be participating in. Sharing your own writing creates a writing classroom that is a powerful learning environment. Ask students what kind of stories do they think they are? What is the writing genre?




Benchmark or Standards:


Describe the shared human experience depicted in classic, multicultural, and contemporary personal narratives. Identify structure, elements, and purpose of a personal narrative. Be enthusiastic about reading and do substantial reading and writing on their own. Be enthusiastic about writing and learning to write.

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