Introductory Robotics / Pre-Engineering, Using LEGO® WeDo and Mindstorms

National Robotics Week

A basic introduction to what makes robots truly robots, and how many things around us are robots but not recognized as such. Uses the concepts of input, output, and computing as essential componenets of robotic operation.

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I disagree with the premise of the lesson framers, however, that students need this instruction before they interact with any kind of robotic system. The PowerPoint and videos are good, but I would probably not use the PowerPoint until after giving students some hands-on experiences with simple robotics systems (such as the LEGO Mindstorms NXT prescribed in the lesson). Then, the discussion of inputs, outputs, and programmed actions/reactions will make more concrete sense to students. At any rate, these abstract concepts likely need to be repeated, applied to novel situations (multiple robotics projects), and reassessed (questioning students during/after each project) before the concepts will "stick" in students' minds.

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