What is a Podcast?


The term “podcast” is a cross between “broadcast” and “iPod.”  A podcast is a “radio-style” talk show.  It may include music as well.  It may be listened to on the computer or an MP3 player, and may be downloaded from iTunes or a podcast hosting service.  Podcasting enables information to be shared with millions of people via the internet.  It is easy to do, and costs very little.  All you need is a microphone, a computer, and software, which can be downloaded for free.


Podcasts can convey information about any subject.  Therefore, any teacher can succeed.  Students love to do this, and they enjoying sharing what they have learned with others.  Give podcasting a try; you may be the inspiration for your students’ successful careers!


Here is a link to YouTube, which shows how to make a podcast using Audacity, a free download:



Here is a link to another instructional video obtained from TeacherTube



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