Suggested Time Management

Teachers may require time to review online resources on communication inventions such as the Gutenberg Printing Press and the Internet (30-45 minutes).

Preparation will be required for reviewing or preparing a communication timeline handout and Venn Diagram assignment (30 minutes).

Preparation time will be required to gather additional books and reference resources at school or public libraries (30-45 minutes).

The total estimated preparation time is 90-120 minutes.

Total duration of lesson series : 6-8 Class Periods of 45 Minutes.

To support the smooth pacing for this project, mini-lessons should be very focused and provide students with scaffolding opportunities to drive their inquiry. Mini-lessons should take between 7-15 minutes per class period. The balance of the time - est. 35 minutes - will have students engaging in and doing inquiry based activities.

The mini-lessons and inquiry activities will cover the following topics:

Great Moments in Communication Time Line - 2-4 class periods.

Venn Diagram - Compare and Contrast Gutenberg Print Press Vs. Internet - 2-3 class periods.

Constructed Response- Positive and Negative Impact of the Gutenberg Printing Press and Internet - 1-2 class periods.

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