Voices of History by the Bill of Rights Institute

Voices of History 

The Bill of Rights Institute consistently provides quality, primary-source based resources to civics educators across the country. Voices of History gives educators the opportunity to access eight of our best curricula, online, anytime, free of charge. Looking for a lesson on the Constitutional Convention? Simply type your terms in the search bar. Need to narrow it down to Thomas Jefferson’s role? Educators can filter searches by a number of options providing the simplest, most effective way to find exactly what is needed with the click of a button.

Lessons include:

  • Being An American
  • Being An American ELL
  • Founders and the Constitution
  • Heroes and Villains
  • Preserving the Bill of Rights
  • Supreme Court document based questions
  • Liberty and Security in Modern Times
  • Religious Liberty: An American Experiment

Collection Contents

Through primary source analysis, writing assignments, discussion prompts, and other activities, students will “connect the dots” by focusing on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, civic values, American heroes, and exploring the meaning of citizenship to them.
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