We provide a regularly updated practice quiz, originally designed to help learners prepare for the Word Cup (www.WordCupCafe.org). Choose your desired level (easy, average, advanced) and test your verbal skill. The quizzes are designed to test both active vocabulary and spelling skill.

This quiz is a variation of the core program of eSpindle Learning. Using the Internet to reach a diverse audience, nonprofit organization eSpindle Learning offers 100% individualized vocabulary and spelling practice to help students of all ages become confident readers and writers. The online tutoring service delivers customized learning sessions based on a proprietary database of more than 100,000 words. The organization was established in 2004 and matches every membership with a free license for a disadvantaged student.

////For your info --- special offer for the paid eSpindle services//// We offer 10-day free trials to the fully personalized version of the quiz, and 30-day free trials for classrooms. If you find that some or all of your students would benefit from the patient, diligent and easy vocabulary practice provided by this technology, feel free to use "curriki" for a 10% reduction of the membership free.

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