In order for students to fully comprehend a text, they must be exposed to words are unfamiliar to them in the text. It is vital for students to gain a better understanding of the vocabulary they will encounter to help them have more knowledge of the reading.

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:

Students will understand new vocabulary to help them apply to their reading their Revolutionary War novel.

Students will use context clues to help them write effective sentences containing each vocabulary word.

Students will draw visualizations of the vocabulary words to help them truly see the words.

Guiding Question:

How does understanding the vocabulary or words an author uses help you to better comprehend the text?


1. Vocabulary Graphic Organizers (6 total) for each student. This may be in the Revolutionary War packet or used as a separate packet.

2. Week 1 Powerpoint presentation

3. Enrichment vocabulary words (if applicable)


1. Ask students: How does understanding the words an author uses in a text help you to better comprehend a text?

  • Have students individually think about their responses.
  • After students have been given time to think about their responses, have them share their thoughts with a partner.
2. Hand each student their vocabulary graphic organizers.Go over each section of the graphic organizer so students know where to put their information. It may be a good idea to do the first few words together, so the students know the teacher's expectations.

  • Word Column: Write the vocabulary word.
  • Definition Column: Write the definition for the word from the Powerpoint presentation.
  • Sentence with Context Clues Column: Write an effective sentence using the word and clues surrounding the word to help the reader understand the meaning.
  • Visualization or Key Word Column: Either draw a visualization to help you remember the word or write a key word to help you remember the definition.
3. Begin the Powerpoint presentation. Show the students the first slide of each word and have them observe the illustration. Have students determine what the meaning of the word might be by using the visualization as a clue.

4. Have students write the word in the first row of the graphic organizer.

5. Turn to the next slide of the Powerpoint and have students write the definition of the word.

6. With a partner or as a whole class, have students write a sentence using the word with effective context clues, as well as an illustration.

7. Students can share their illustrations and sentences with other partnerships to review their work.

8. Continue to this procedure until all vocabulary words for week 1 have been shown.

9. The enrichment students can work on their vocabulary words and defintions by using a dictionary or online dictionary.


A vocabulary assessment will be given each week to determine student's understanding of the vocabulary words.

Benchmark or Standards:

The Standards for the English Language Arts:

Students apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate texts (their knowledge of word meaning and of other texts, their word identification strategies).

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