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Venezuela: Global Studies Lesson Plans and Units from World Affairs Council

These units on Venezuela were created during the 2007-08 school year. They are aligned with Washington State assessment requirements (Classroom Based Assessments - CBA's), but will be useful to anyone teaching about current issues facing Venezuela and the world.

Curriculum Units on Venezuela

by World Affairs Council Seattle
Curriculum Units on Venezuela: I.) The U.S. and Venezuela: Comparing and Contrasting National Priorities; II.) Spinning Hugo: Contradictory Assessments; III.) Energy Choices Town Meeting (Causes of Conflict – High School CBA)

Engage your students with this timely exploration of Venezuela. This unit includes three lesson plans that can stand-alone or be used together. Students will be encouraged to look at issues facing Venezuela from Venezuelan perspectives; discuss media literary by distinguishing between fact and opinion; and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of three distinct approaches to our nation’s energy crisis.

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