Palomar College is conducting a pilot program to use ALEKS for remediation in prealgebra, beginning algebra, and intermediate algebra during the fall semester, 2011.  ALEKS will be used to remediate the students in the previous course materials (for example, beginning algebra students will remediate in prealgebra) during the first six to eight weeks of class.  That work will count towards the course grade.  The goal is to improve student success in those courses.


Tom Carey: I mentiond that Humboldt State was leading an initiative within the CSU to have students use ALEKS for a diagnostic test over the summer to help jump into a higher level course when they arrive on campus. Here is the link:


Bruce Yoshiwara: CSU Northridge is another ALEKS promoter, and in fact HSU is a partner in a NGLC grant that CSUN just won.

PI Kate Stevenson is expanding the highly successful CSUN project of adding a 1-unit lab component to their business calc in order to address the students' skills gaps in dev math.  ALEKS is used as a supplement to the lab materials.  The NGLC grant will be used to export the program to HSU and CSLB.

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