6th grade integrated science

Unit Number:

Estimated Duration:
16 days

Unit Rationale:
In this unit, students focus on the complex interactions between matter and energy by explaining first how energy flows through a food chain, and then how both energy and biomass move through a food web. This unit comprehensively addresses the TEKS 6.8A-C, which state that students should "define matter and energy" (6.8A), "explain and illustrate the interactions between matter and the decay of biomass such as in a compost bin" (6.8B, partial), and "describe energy flow in living systems including food chains and food webs" (6.8C). Also, students practice the science process skill of "represent[ing] the natural world using models and identify[ing] their limitations" (TEKS 6.3C). The unit occurs after students learn about the solar system in Unit 4, which provides necessary background on the location and composition of the Sun, the ultimate source of energy in food webs. It also occurs immediately before two other life science units that deal with cells and individual organisms, so it provides an important transition of scale for sixth graders who still struggle with the abstract nature of both the large and distant solar system, and the tiny cell and its processes.

Unit Goal:
SWBAT analyze the flow of energy and biomass through a food web.

Prior Knowledge:
SWBAT describe the structure and location of the Sun; SWBAT define matter; SWBAT differentiate between plants and animals.

Unit Assessment:
Given a new food web, SWBAT map the flow of energy through the web, and describe how the biomass changes at different levels of the web.

Lesson Plans:

Lesson Number
Number of Days
Lesson Objective
Lesson Assessment
Benchmark or Standards
LP1 3Acquring & Integrating LPs
SWBAT trace the path of energy in reverse from a food item back to the Sun.
Whiteboard quiz, exit card, quiz (LP3, Day 1)
TEKS 6.8A, 6.8C
LP2 2SWBAT trace the path of energy and biomass in a woodland food chain.
Whiteboard quiz, quick quiz (LP3, Day 1).TEKS 6.8A, 6.8B
LP3 3SWBAT apply the concept of energy and biomass flow in a food chain to a food web.
Whiteboard quiz, exit card.
TEKS 6.3C, 6.8B, 6.8C
LP4 1Traditional test
LP5 3Extending & Refining LPs
SWBAT analyze the flow of energy and biomass in a marine food web.
Exit cards, whiteboard quiz.TEKS 6.8B-C
LP6 3SWBAT predict the effects of an environmental disaster on a food web.
Prediction quiz
LP7 1Using Knowledge Meaningfully LP
SWBAT map the flow of energy and biomass through a food web. (Performance Assessment with food web other than marine or woodland)
Performance assessmentTEKS 6.8A-C, 6.3C
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