Course: 6th Grade Integrated Science

Unit Number: 3

Estimated Duration: 6 days

Unit Rationale:
While giving students extensive exposure to scientific inquiry and the scientific method, this unit requires students to actively observe the world around them and to question easy conclusions (e.g., that two apparently similar substances are identical). The unit primarily addresses Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills benchmark 6.7 ("The student knows that substances have physical and chemical properties"), and begins to address 6.8A ("define matter and energy"). Through daily observations and predictions and several lab activities, students also work toward scientific process benchmarks 6.2 and 6.4 ("The student uses scientific inquiry methods during field and laboratory investigations;" and "The student knows how to use a variety of tools and methods to conduct science inquiry"). This is the third unit in a sixth grade integrated science course. It comes after a unit on forces and motion, so it appropriately remains in the realm of physical science; and it provides some important prior knowledge (e.g., the various phases of matter) necessary for the next unit on the solar system.

Unit Goal:
SWBAT determine whether substances are the same or different based on physical and chemical properties.

Prior Knowledge:
SWBAT write qualitative and quantitative observations, make basic measurements of length, volume and mass.

Unit Assessment:
Given two substances, SWBAT compare their physical and chemical properties and determine whether they are identical.

Lesson Plans:

Lesson Number
Number of DaysLesson Objective
Lesson Assessment
Benchmarks or Standards
LP1 3Acquring & Integrating LPs
SWBAT articulate observations of the physical properties of matter (except density).
Whiteboard quizzes, exit card, quiz.TEKS 6.2 A-D, 6.7B, 6.8A

LP2 3SWBAT identify density as a physical property.
Prediction for final demonstration on whiteboards, quiz.TEKS 6.2A-D, 6.4A, 6.7B.

LP3 2SWBAT describe physical changes.
Whiteboard quiz, exit card.TEKS 6.2B, 6.7B
LP4 2SWBAT differentiate between physical and chemical properties and changes.
Exit card.
TEKS 6.2A-C, 6.4A, 6.7A-B
LP5 1Traditional test
LP6 2Extending & Refining LPs
SWBAT analyze the physical and chemical changes that take place during cooking and baking.
Analysis homework assignment; exit card.
TEKS 6.2B, 6.7A-B
LP7 2SWBAT compare two substances with respect to their physical and chemical properties.
Completed lab datasheet, and proper identification of substances and guilty suspect.TEKS 6.1A, 6.2A-E, 6.7A-B.
LP8 1Using Knowledge Meaningfully LP
SWBAT determine whether two given substances are the same or different by analyzing their physical and chemical properties. (Performance Assessment)
Performance AssessmentTEKS 6.2, 6.7, 6.8A
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