Match the character name to the description:

_____ 1. Janie Crawford A. Included Janie in family play and never focused on her race

_____ 2. Pheoby Watson B. Owner of the ridiculed yellow mule

_____ 3. Nanny C. One-time slave, believed marriage should protect women

_____ 4. Washburns D. Adopted the habits of Joe Starks after Joe's death

_____ 5. Logan Killicks E. Janie's oldest friend

_____ 6. Joe Starks F. Saw her life like a great tree in bloom

_____ 7. Matt Bonner G. Introduced Janie to the Muck and vibrant black culture

_____ 8. Hezekiah H. Tried to convince Janie to leave Tea Cake

_____ 9. Tea Cake I. Forced Janie to tie her hair up in a kerchief

_____ 10. Mrs. Turner J. Owner of 60 acres of land

PART 2. Short answer.

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