The booklet, Ump's Fwat by the Collegiate School, is a useful introduction to some of the fundamental notions of conceiving of, planning, and running a business. It also provides useful working definitions of some key vocabulary items for this project. Please note that this booklet and video are made available by the Collegiate School for educational purposes only, and that any commercial use is prohibited by them!

Group Size: Whole class

Learning Objectives:

1. Students will be exposed to basic vocabulary related to creating and running a business.

2. Students will gain an overall, general picture of the process of conceiving of, planning, and running a business.


The Ump's Fwat booklet and/or video found in the links below.


Preview and either print or display the Ump's Fwat Booklet found in this link. You may also choose to supplement this with the Ump's Fwat Video found on this link.

Have the class either watch the movie, read the book, or both. After you have done so, have students work collaboratively in pairs to complete the attached "Ump's Fwat" worksheet. Tell them that they need to make sure that their answers are complete, as this worksheet is the first item to be included in their project portfolios and will be counted as part of their final grade.

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