Hosted by the USDA's Center for Medical, Agricultural, and Veterinary Entomology, this Master Bibliography of Ant Literature, entitled FORMIS, "is a composite of several ant literature databases. It contains citations for a large fraction of the world's ant literature (about 32,000 references). FORMIS contains all known ant taxonomic literature (through 1996)." In addition, FORMIS features comprehensive bibliographies of fire ants, Russian wood ants, and leaf-cutting ants. The website offers options for online searches and downloads. The site was last modified in April 2004; however, it should be noted that FORMIS has not been updated since 2003, thus users should not expect to find the most recent literature. Despite the lack of up-to-date literature, FORMIS remains a substantial resource for myrmecologists and other researchers. Furthermore, the editors are requesting assistance for the continued expansion and updating of FORMIS.

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