Resources related to U.S. History

A jeopardy game created in PowerPoint, tests student's recall of people, years, events, places, and reasons of the revolutionary period and critical period in U.S. history. Useful on individual level for study practice or can be displayed for class game.
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This is a collection of primary sources from the Westward Expansion period in US History. This collection contains documents such as portraits, pictures of artifacts, letters, etc. This collection is great for developing DBQ skills for 5th and 8th graders taking the NYS Social Studies assessment.
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An outline of the unit: Battle for Independence II.

Goals: EU #1: Non-violent protest does more than destroy enemies; it converts others to your cause.

EU #2: True leaders get very different groups of people to work together and look beyond their differences.

EU #3: True leaders are incredibly intelligent, but they also connect powerfully with "everyday people."

Performance Task:

Students will "design" a candidate for president of the United States. This "design" will include an illustration of the candidate's dress: how will the "look" of the candidate appeal to different groups of people in the country? The "design" will further include a resume for the politician: what schools has she/he attended? What jobs? What other elected positions?

Students must take cues from Gandhi in this process: how, in other words, can a politician, through background, school, dress, and speech, unite a disparate public?

This resource is part of Unit 4: Battles for Independence II and the Social Studies 7 course.

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This is an 8th grade American History unit constructed around a central question: At what point should the U.S. take action to settle foreign conflicts? The unit focuses on the Unites State's rise to power at the beginning of the 20th century and serves to scaffold student learning so they are able to evaluate US foreign policy with respect to the cases of Somalia and Rwanda.
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