Morocco is a small country in North Africa with an artistically and spiritually rich culture. The two artists who represent Morocco in this series of Travels with Music are Lahlou, who plays the raita, and Aziz el Achhab, who plays the violin. These video clips are from the program Travels with Music Series One, which is available online at There are nearly 300 video clips in this first series of the Travels with Music program that profiles master musicians from 15 cultures around the world: USA/Blues, Trinidad, Peru, Chile, Senegal, Nigeria, Morocco, Bulgaria/Rom, Israel, Arabic/Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Indonesia/Java, Philippines, and China. The whole program is available at the online store ( and can be purchased for online access or on interactive DVD-ROM for computers or on DVD-video for television.

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Abdelatif Lahlou, also known popularly as Lahlou, is proud to be a professional raita player. He performs under several mkadems (masters of the aissawa brotherhood). The leading mkadem (and one of the most known and respected ones) whom Lahlou currently plays with, is known as El Btahi. Aissawa is a religious brotherhood founded hundreds of years ago and is known for the spiritual music it plays. This resource is part of the Travels with Music: Morocco collection.
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Aziz el Achhab is the Artistic Director of the World Sacred Music Festival in Fes, Morocco. The Fes Festival was designated in 2001 by the United Nations as one of the major events in the world contributing to the dialogue between civilizations. The message of the Fes Festival is that of interfaith dialogue through music, respect for ethical and spiritual values, and the creation of a culture of peace. Aziz el Achhab is the leader of his own orchestra and plays with many other musicians in both traditional and modern compositions. This resource is part of the Travels with Music: Morocco collection.
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