The Transitions Math Project (TMP) aims to transition students in high school math to college-level math, without having to take remedial level math courses once they get to college. According to their site, "Twenty-two percent of college freshman need a remedial course in mathematics. In 2- year colleges the problem is even more acute." Visitors will learn in the "History" section of the "About TMP" link that since 2004, TMP has instituted three ways to help students improve their transition. First, they make clear expectations of teachers on what they must teach to prepare students for college-level math. Second, they inform parents and students what will be expected in college-level math, and finally, they establish networks between college and high school teachers to share teaching successes, techniques, and best practices. Visitors will find that the "Curriculum and Instructional Materials" section is a useful repository of curriculum and instructional resources created by TMP teams for use by all teachers. The site also provides professional development materials, TMP Resource Center, and links to their newsletter, math education news, and TMP's social media presence.

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