In this sub-unit, students are introduced to the concept of linear regression and determining the equation of a function in 2-variables from data, using a linear model. They will develop and conduct a "market survey", in order to use the data to perform their own regression. There is a strong emphasis on the use of technology in this sub-unit.

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In this lesson, students will identify key questions that they will need answers to in order to have the necessary information to plan their business. They will design an appropriate survey and administer this survey to other students at the school. Finally, they will compile the results into data sets in order to analyze them.
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This lesson exposes students to the method of linear regression for determining the equation for a linear model of a data set. It progresses from a more intuitive understanding of the method to using technology to generate an equation using the least-squares method (students will not be exposed to the actual least squares method).
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