About 2-4 weeks before beginning the unit- Preplanning.

  • Obtain parent and superintendent approval and determine supervising educator
  • Address technology issues to prepare for unit (in teacher section)
  • Select content to be addressed in the unit
  • Pre-assess student
  • Determine how often to check in with student (about once a week, could be via email or as available)
Week 1- Background Knowledge

  • Day 1-4- Allow student to browse videos, iTunes, and take virtual field trips while taking notes on terms and locations for further study.
  • Day 5- Students continue to investigate resources while refining and categorizing list of terms.
Weeks 2 and 3- Gather Information and Data

  • Days 6-9- Students use self-generated list of terms and search websites to determine whether or not terms are relevant to their location of interest.
  • Day 10 (approximately)- Create preliminary storyboard of documentary using information gathered.
  • Days 11-13-Students use data websites to find real-time data about plate movement using websites available.
  • Day 14 (approximately)- Student creates preliminary graph of data in a way that can be incorporated into the documentary.
  • Day 15 (approximately)- Students modify storyboard to include data gathering.
Week 4- Final Product

  • Day 16-19- Student creates one of the four final products.
  • Day 20- Student and teacher evaluate final product to determine if revisions are necessary.
Word document available TimelinePT.dochere for modifying timeline.
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