Time Schedule for Creating a Podcast (17 periods)

A period is 42 minutes
1. Using the handouts, go step-by step helping the students create a practice podcast.

9 periods are devoted to using Audacity

a.       Period 1 and 2 - discussing what a podcast is and how it is used.  Students will become familiar with the Audacity program, and will record their voice.

b.       Period 3 and 4 -students will edit their voice recording.  They will record another recording and merge the two together.

c.        Period 5-students will learn how to save sounds from the internet.  We will briefly discuss copyright laws and public domain.  They will learn that they have to ask permission to use sounds that are not public domain or otherwise unrestricted.  The school librarian will do this in detail in period

d.       Period 6 -students will learn to insert these sounds into their podcast.  They will learn to edit the sounds and loop.

e.       Period 7-students will get background music for their podcasts

f.         Period 8-students will insert and edit this background music in their podcasts.  They will convert it to MP3 format.

g.       Period 9 - copyright laws with the school librarian

h.       Period  10 - citations

i.         Periods 11 to 14 - groups creating their own podcasts

j.         Periods 15 and 16- presenting to the class

k.        Period 17-going over handouts on how to use Podbean and how to upload to iTunes (enrichment)



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