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Who likes ice cream? Your homework is to decide what flavor ice cream best represents Theodore Roosevelt as president.

Group Size: Whole class

Learning Objectives:

To critically analyze Theodore Roosevelt as a "radical conservative" using specific examles from his presidency.

Guiding Question:

If the presidents of the Gilded Age were considered "vanilla', what kind of ice cream would Theodore Roosevelt (the radical conservative of the Progressive Era) be?


Knowledge of TR as a president/progressive. understanding of the bland/vanilla presidents of the Gilded Age.


After students have studied the Progressives on a national level have them formulate for homework (so they aren't put on the spot) what type of ice cream Theodore Roosevelt would be.


If students can explain why TR is the flavor they chose. They must have at least 2 concrete/historic examples from his presidency to back up their choice.

Answer Key or Rubric:

Chocolate chip is great b/c he was a "radical conservative", he was a Republican hence did not radically change any aspect of govt. but his Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act, Newlands Reclamation etc. did add progressive reform/change that could be represented by the chocolate chips. Otherwise the vanilla base of government remained the same.

Rocky road is good too for the same reasons above but have students stay away from chocolate based ice cream because he wasn't a radical or even a "trust buster" but rather a trust regulator.

Benchmark or Standards:

Students have to have original answers with at least 2 historic examples to back up their answers.

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