The Trumpet of the Swan Lesson Plan Aid

Author: E. B. White

Subject: Friendship between a boy and a swan

Setting: Canada; New England, USA, contemporary

Louis the swan, who is born mute, learns to communicate with a trumpet stolen for him by his father. Sam, a boy who loves animals and nature, helps Louis learn to read and write, enabling Louis to live in the world of humans and to save his beloved fellow swan, Serena.

Lexile Measure: 750L
Grade Level: 4
Genre: Fiction
Sub-Genre: Fantasy
Gender of Character: Male

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In the story, Sam Beaver kept a diary in which he often recorded his observations of swans and other wild creatures. Pretend that you are Sam and imagine that you spot another animal in the wild. Write a diary entry such as Sam might have written and describe the animal you see.

Love is usually supposed to "find a way," but sometimes the path is far from smooth. In the story, Louis falls in love with Serena but his disability gets in the way of his efforts to attract her. Write a paragraph describing Louis's difficulties attracting a mate and the attempts he makes to get Serena to notice him.
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