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Middle Ages WebQuest

The Task

The Task:

The mayor wants more than just research on the way people lived in the Middle Ages. Her plan is to have a medieval day reenactment for the mayor of Bruges and the other officials to honor them when they arrive. The best way to prepare for this is to have the members of all the teams not only research a role from medieval society but to play that role in classroom reenactments.

Middle Ages Reenactment: Your first task in your assigned teams is to learn about the various classes of people living in Europe during the Middle Ages. Using the ESPRAT+G approach to studying social studies, you will look at aspects of economics, social organization, political systems, religion, the arts and technology in Europe between 500 and 1500. You will be assigned a specific role (e.g., peasant farmer, artisan, knight, priest, merchant, noble, etc.) to research, portray in various activities and write about in your blog. You will experience how relationships and connections between individuals and institutions (e.g., the Catholic Church, one’s King, etc.) were central to a stable society. At the end of the WebQuest, you will work with a partner from a different social class to prepare a podcast for the mayor of our city to help teach him about life during Medieval times. In it you and your partner will role play your characters to describe what it meant to be a farmer, artisan, noble, etc. and how the members of the classes were connected to one another.

The Society of Our Community: Our mayor would like to share with the leaders from Bruges information about the connections between the people and institutions within our modern day society. Thus, you and your partner are to prepare a narrated video that describes many of the relationships between citizens of our city by using the ESPRAT+G approach to understanding society. These videos will be shared with the delegation from Bruges.

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