This unit presents the poetic structure of the Shakespearean Sonnet and its importance and place in the world of poetry. The unit focuses on familiarizing students with the structural elements of a sonnet (e.g., iambs, iambic pentameter, rhyme schemes, turns, stanzas, quatrains, and couplets) as well as using the writing comprehension process to write an original sonnet that uses the conventions of poetry in hand with imagery and figurative language. Students will also analyze and interpret sonnets, connecting them to modern forms of media including songs, raps, movies and music videos. Students will understand that writers construct personal, creative poems to express their encompassing world views. The unit will end with a performance assessment of students constructing their own “Hollywood Sonnet” (following appropriate structural criteria) to display in a Gallery Walk for students to evaluate and discuss.
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Markmann, Ryan, "The Shakespearean Sonnet" (2014). Understanding by Design: Complete Collection. Paper 280.
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