As a final novel project, students will create an ABC book to review major elements of the novel. The lesson materials include a planning sheet and a model for the ABC book. This can be an independent or group project.

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to:
• Review and analyze major literary aspects of the novel by composing an ABC book.



ABC book planning sheet ABC book model Colored paper, crayons, pencils, markers


Do Now
• 5-minute journal write (6 – 8 line expectation)
What is an ABC book?
Who reads ABC books?
How could an ABC book help to review a novel?
• Review answers by randomly asking students to share their answers.
• Show students a selection of ABC books so they are clear with the style and format of the books.

• Distribute ABC book planning sheet and introduce assignment to students.
• Take time to ensure students understand the vocabulary used.
• Model planning the first letters A and B

Letter Character Plot Symbol Theme ABC story
B Bees August is a bee keeper

Guided Practice
• Have students complete the planning sheet and move around classroom to assist. Students can work independently or in groups.
• Review some of the more difficult letters after a period of time. Ensure students are completing the story section correctly.

Independent Practice:

• Students can create their ABC books. The books can be created from colored paper stapled together. Provide markers, pencils, crayons etc for the students to use.
• Show the students the model and ensure they know the expectations for each page, including the front and back covers.

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