Advanced Placement Literature and Composition is a course that offers students a wonderful opportunity to intensely study major literary works, genres, periods, forms, and authors; in terms of poetry alone it is unique, in fact, because of the degree to which students are involved in the intense study of it as a subject itself, not as a supplement to another unit. This Curriculum Area Project (CAP) reflects this, and it features a survey of poetic works from the Romantic period in addition to culminating in a unit devoted to a defining Romantic novel: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. This CAP is designed to be used by AP instructors who organize their curriculums in any number of ways: chronologically, thematically, or according to literary forms. The unit features lessons designed to engage AP Literature and Composition students in close, analytical readings. Also included are “handouts” that may easily be modified to suit a teacher’s style; the questions found on the handouts may easily be converted from cooperative group questions for students to work on independently to those that a teacher might ask during a guided reading or lecture on the poems. Assessments range from answers to guided question handouts and participation in class to written analyses on selected poems.

Since the AP exam typically features 50-55 multiple-choice question on its first part, this CAP features some multiple-choice assessments on poems and on topics covered in the units. The writing assignments in this CAP are all commensurate in difficulty to those on the Advanced Placement exam, whether they are in the AP question style or not.

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