This lesson introduces students to the Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci in order to provide a context for the scientific revolution and the paradigm shift from a geocentric model to a heliocentric model of the solar system. Students are asked to explore their own interests in the assessment by studying, replicating, and providing historical context for an invention or painting by da Vinci.

This lesson provides the historical background for the scientific revolution, including what was happening in Europe at the time. Additionally, it examines the inventions, studies, and artwork of Leonardo da Vinci, dubbed by some as the quintessential Renaissance man, in order to provide a case study of the dramatic innovation and thought happening at the time.
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This assessment was designed to integrate math, engineering, science, and history into the lesson The Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci. Students are encouraged to follow their interests based on the studies, art, and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.
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Leonardo da Vinci Images

by Meredith Beaton
This folder contains a variety of images to support the lesson "The Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci." There are images from his journals, his inventions, and his paintings. All of the images are in the Public Domain, and the source for each image is referenced in the description section.
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