Writing a business plan is often a daunting experience for young entrepreneurs. The following activity is not only a hands-on way to introduce writing a basic business plan, it also builds creative problem solving and teamwork skills. THE OUT OF THE BOX FACTORY activity has been used with all ages, from third graders to adults.

Intended outcomes The student will: • Have the opportunity to meet others in the group and practice team skills • Practice critical thinking and creative problem solving skills • Practice decision-making skills • Learn the components of a basic business plan • Plan and present a commercial • Learn the components of a basic advertisement • Apply different learning styles to complete a task

The activity supports the Entrepreneurship Content Standards/Performance Indicators as follows: • A.06 Describe idea-generation methods, • B.07Lead others using positive statements, • B.08 Develop Team Spirit, • B.20 Develop an orientation to change, • B.25 Develop tolerance for ambiguity, • L.29 Select sales-promotion options, • O.09 Develop business plan

This resource is part of the Entrepreneurship Learning Activities collection.

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